Audio recording for note taking ...

This might be outside of what Scrivener’s intention was, but I figured I’d put it out there. Since Scrivener is great for taking notes (working with a writing partner, in a meeting, etc.) it would be fantastic if I could record the audio of that meeting. EVEN BETTER would be if it could time stamp audio with what I’m typing so I can go right back to that improvised scene we were discussing or that important note I received in my meeting.

Thanks Keith!

Hi. I had the same need until I realized it is a tad outside the scope of the application. I was very happy to see a microphone icon as an option when personalizing the menu bar… that is until I realized it was a speaker :unamused: :unamused:

Well, as I got more and more into Scrivener I found that this feature is not needed, really. All I do is open Quicktime Player and in the File Menu hit New Audio Recording. When I’m done I just import the file into the appropriate project.
QuickTime is an integral part of the OS, so it’s already there.
Hope this helps.


You might want to consider using Pear Note. In this case you’d be using it outside of Scrivener, but it does exactly what you want: it timestamps (or aligns) the typed text with the recorded audio. Very cool software. I’m not associated with the company, just know about and use their product: