Australian English Dictionary infested with useless American idioms! Clean it up! ASAP!

I’m FED up with the American idioms infesting MY Australian English dictionary.
I found a way to download a fresh custom file from SCOW but after copying and renaming it to fit in the hunspell foler, Scrivener would not recognise it after I restarts it, and insists I must downloads YOUR version, which is corrupted with American idioms which I don’t want.

[Removed derogatory slurs and insults about other cultures. --Moderator

Normally I would not care about complaining about anything but this, no, this takes the cake. I’m sick of the dictionary being infested with the useless American idioms. I don’t WANT American shit in MY Australian dictionary. Damn it. I resented fighting my Scrivener for what I WANT in my work. Not some unknown American hearing crap inserting themselves into my work. Thanks a lot for messing with MY WORK. FIX it, thanks.

FYI, these dictionaries are not created from L&L and/or Scrivener. They are provided only for your convenience from 3rd-party vendors. I will not mention them, but they are well known worldwide. The dictionaries might be more general purpose dictionaries then academic language dictionaries, but you can always replace them and install your own improved versions of the dictionaries. Make sure you replace the full set of language files in the dedicated language folder.

Still I do not find it fare to blame us for providing general purpose dictionaries for your convenience, which does not suit you. Your tone is also something that I do not find appropriate.

Defman (Deafman) if your able to find a ‘pure’ language that is not corrupted by others let me know. Also be sure to make sure its purged of Latin, Greek and so forth as the early English scholars polluted it with their own creation of words that had never been used before. Also be sure its purged of those Awe full set of letters that had managed to be inserted as well. Because you know, as you seem to really, really understood the human language has ‘evolved’ when humans first began to communicate with one another its not as pure as you think it is. It’s so barbaric how others polluted their native language by others.

Oh and be sure to go through your countries dictionary and start blackening out those words that are not true and pure English creations without the help of Latin and Greek. Heaven forbid they should be used in ‘any’ form of ones vocabulary and spelling.


Just… wow. :open_mouth:

Somebody’s got the wrong size pants on today.

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You gotta realize you need to chill.

Or as we say, ‘got out of the wrong side of the bed.’

  1. My apologies on behalf of normal Aussies. We’re not all such arses.
  2. If the post is anything to go by, an Australian dictionary is the least of the OP’s needs.

First, the dictionaries are third party content. You are welcome to edit your dictionary file (en-AU.dic, I believe, is the one). You’ll need a decent text editor (you can probably use Notepad++. Do NOT use “Notepad” that came with Windows; it doesn’t understand the format).

Second, if you put the dictionary in the directory properly (must be spelled EXACTLY the SAME as the ones in there at first), Scrivener WILL USE replacement dictionaries. Therefore, if it insisted on using the original, you didn’t do it right (every letter, even the capitals and hyphens, MUST BE THE SAME as in the original. So when you replace en-AU.dic, the best thing to do is add “old” to those names, and then change the spelling of the replacements to the spelling of the originals)

thus, en-AU.dic becomes en-AU.dicold (and leave it there; Scriv will not use it)
and en-AU.aff becomes en-AU.affold (and leave it there; Scriv will not use it)
and en-AU-custom.aff becomes en-AU…aff
and en-AU-custom.dic become en-AU.dic

In the proper folder (en-AU). No other way will work. You can’t replace hyphens with underlines or vice versa. Those names are hardcoded into the software. I wish they weren’t, but at least they don’t use proprietary dictionaries.

If you didn’t do it right, don’t worry. You can replace the dictionaries again. (the system is remarkably robust).

Third, those insults were completely uncalled-for.

As another Aussie, I concur with this (RuffPub’s) post.

Not sure who peed in the OP’s cornflakes but they seem like a real dill, as we say politely, and needs to brush up on their use of whatever language they are trying to use.

Seriously, this isn’t Farcebook, mate :unamused:

Grownups use this forum ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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We may be a weird mob here downunder but we are definitely not all the same.
Even our own dictionary, the Macquarie, adds new words while missing many that I would consider global.