Author contact info placeholders from Preferences

In Preferences, I can set up my author contact info - which is great, because Contacts on MacOS/iOS seems really insistent on grabbing my (“day job”) work address for everything. However, I don’t see any way to pull this info in using the placeholder tags, so I’m not really sure what the purpose of this option is supposed to be. The “tooltip” indicates it’s used for title pages, etc. - but it’s really only the name. I do see that there are template tags for this info - but they only pull in your info from Contacts.

I have a LOT of unfinished works, & in some cases, I’ve moved 3-4 times since starting them (and if we’re honest, there will probably be more moves before they’re actually completed). Obviously, I can go through every project after every move…but that’s getting to be a significant amount of work, & prone to user error (i.e. me not paying attention/missing a project), so it’d be great if I could just set everything up to use placeholder tags for my contact info - then I only have to remember to update info in Preferences.

Of course, if I just blanked on something & missed it (entirely possible), feel free to correct me :smiley:

Check the Placeholders PDF from the Help menu for all Placeholders and the use of them.

Only Template Placeholders are used when opening a Project from a Template, all others are used when Compiling a Project.

The Title page is one place the data from the Author Information is used, but you could use Placeholders in you text if you want.

If you are looking for an example, I think the template that uses the most information from this panel is one of the novel starters. To see how the placeholders are used, make sure to, on a Mac hold down the Option key when clicking on the “Create” button, or Ctrl+Alt when clicking on “Save” from the file selection dialogue on Windows, when selecting the template. This will bypass placeholder evaluation and make it possible to edit templates with their original placeholders intact.

Once you do that, go in and take a look at the front matter folder for the manuscript cover page. As is typical in manuscript submissions, the full address and name will be provided in the top left corner.