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Each time I create a new Scrivener project, I have to re-enter my name address etc, or copy them from a previous file.
Is there a ways to set up all my future files with this information as default?

Hi, nzmueller! I think this post may be of help.

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Thanks. The post was pretty complex. At the moment I copy my details out of a previous file and paste them.
Last time I created a template, it didn’t load when I tried to use it, or maybe it was blank. Something went wrong. So I tend to use the standard templates and copy my info over. Lame, but easy.
It’s been a looong time since I did the Scrivener tutorials… it may be time for me to re-do parts of them!

You should try again. Just create a new project from a template, fill in your details, and then go to File->Save as Template. When you need a new project, just choose the template you saved, and you’re on your way.