Author Name disappearing with compile to Kindle or Epub

This is a persistent problem, and I’ve tried numerous things to try to get rid of it.

When I compile to Kindle or Epub, my name disappears from the About the Author section. Only my name. It’s the first 3 words of the paragraph, and I had styled it using a style that is working everywhere else in the document. I tried manually changing the font as well (not using a style).

After I compile, those three words are gone. Just gone.

The only way I am able to make it appear is to style it as regular body text. This is suboptimal.

I am completely befuddled by this. I have no idea why it could be happening. Has anyone else experienced this?

Wishing you all the best,

When the style is used elsewhere is it in a paragraph on it’s own or running into body text as in your example? eReader software can be pretty picky if you try to get too adventurous with the formatting. You may find just using Bold and Italics works when changing the actual typeface doesn’t.