Author & Scriptwriter

Hello everybody, my name is Valentine and I am an author & scriptwriter, meaning that I it’s actually my work. I have a small video production studio and, together with other guys, we work on commercials, ads, etc., but we also work on original and creative projects (and that’s where I write most scripts, synopsis, but also short stories).
I have started using Scrivener since I find it a great and useful software, and I am sure I will read this forum and, why not, share with you some of my works too, to get your feedback.
I am not English native speaker, so any feedback about my English will be greatly appreciated! :blush:

Welcome, Valentine. Your English is better than that of many English people I know. :wink:

Hay!! Wotchit mayte!! :open_mouth:

As my grandma used to say to me, “If the cap fits…” :smiley:


…the chance of pregnancy is reduced significantly.


:blush: :blush: :blush: Really!! Cousin!!tch!tch! :open_mouth: