Auto-Capitalization Feature Request.

I’m enjoying Scrivener, and appreciate the chance to beta test it. I will buy it for Windows first day.

I have auto-capitalization enabled, which is helpful, but is there a way to enable uncapitalizing the second letter of the first word? I have learned, since my switch from MS Word, that I hold down the shift key just a moment too long when starting new sentences. This leads to a good number of sentences that start with double capitals (e.g. ‘TO his eyes’, or ‘ANother way’). It isn’t the worst thing in the world, of course, but it would be nice if Scrivener could manage the fix for me.

I understand it’ll still be a while before this is added, if it ever is. I just wanted to see if I was the only one with a too heavy pinky, or to find out if there was a way to enable it that already exists.


Hi Bart,

I’m glad you’re enjoying using Scrivener! The only way I can think of to fix the double capitalization (aside from just not using shift at all, since it will auto-capitalize the first letter for you) is to also turn on “correct spelling errors as you type”. That won’t catch all of them–two letter words will still stay capitalized–but it might reduce your rate. On the other hand that comes with a lot of other baggage, so if you don’t want it automatically changing your words all the time it’s really not going to help you. (I’m not a big fan of auto-correct myself, except for very specific cases where I continually type the same word the same wrong way and I use substitutions.) Might be worth checking it out at any rate and you can see how you feel about it. Meanwhile I’ll drop a note to Lee about this as a future wishlist item, but I don’t know how feasible it would be to do, and I certainly wouldn’t expect to see it for a long while yet. Still got to get 1.0 out. :wink:

Not using shift at all sounds… like an interesting fix. I might try that. (and make sure to mark that in my notes, so I look for it in my revisions).

I tried using the correct as I type function, but as you said, it’s best used in specific circumstances.

I definitely understand the priority is getting things to the point where we can give you money in exchange for goods. :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile: