Auto complete and apostrophes

Is there a reason why auto completion does not work (windows)? I havent tried the self fabricated list option, but that’s not the one i was hoping for. Am i missing something or doing something wrong?

And can Scrivener fill in auto apostrophes? If i type im or were or shes, can scrivener turn that auto into i’m, we’re, she’s…?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. :slight_smile:

1- For autocompletion to work, you need this option to be ticked.
A popup appears in the editor with suggestion(s) when you are typing something that matches your autocomplete word list. Hit enter to apply the current suggestion, esc or keep typing to ignore it.

Add words to your list like this:

The list can be found in Project / Project Settings / Auto-Complete List
You can also manually add words directly to the list from the list itself.
. . . . . .

2- You could fix apostrophes by using substitutions.


But that can have quite a downside:
If you then write “swooshes” or “ambushes” or any word with that sequence of letters, you’ll get “swooshe’s”, “ambushe’s” etc.

“Impossible” would become “I’mpossible”.
You’d then have no choice but to go back and edit those.

My advice: that will be way more trouble than gain. Just forget about it.
(Allow A.I. a few extra years of development. :wink: )

[EDIT] On second thought, you could narrow down occurrences for which it wouldn’t work by including the spaces before and after to the replacements’ conditions ; but there will still be some situations where it won’t work.
Like at the beginning of a paragraph, or right after (or before) a quote mark, for example.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the reply.

re auto completion:
I ticked the #1 box, but ticking just that box does not do anything. No pop-up with possible suggestions appear.
It has no fuction unless i tick box #2 aswell and create a full list first?
Scrivener does not come with it’s own standard list? I need to compile a whole list first before i can use this function?

Re apostrophes:
I see the downside. That seems like an odd limitation. I’ve seen this fuction on apple devices work flawlessly without said downside. Not using scrivener, but talking in general.

I am new to Scrivener, so still discovering alot, but the above mentioned subjects seem like a bit of a downside to me when it comes to scrivener.
I understood on Mac versions the auto suggestion option works as a stand alone, without necessarily having to compile a whole list first?

Yes. Your own word list.


No compile involved. Just follow my instructions above.
It is actually quite simple. If you type a word and auto-complete doesn’t propose it to you the first time, that means it is not on your list. Type it in full, add it and move on. It’ll be on the list for next time.
If what you have in mind is something the likes of what you’d get texting on Android with a zillion words ready to auto-complete : that is not what this is.
This auto-complete feature is intended for words that you’d repeatedly use, such as characters’ names and such. So, there is no “one size fits all” here. It has to be your list. Your words, your list.

Then I guess you’d have to activate the system’s feature. (Windows’ – not Scrivener’s.)
Search Windows’ settings.
Scrivener in itself doesn’t have A.I.

Hi Vincent,

Again, my thanks. It’s alot clearer now.

Yes, i indeed figured that maybe Scrivener had a similar type of experience like you see on android and ios devices. Good to know this is not that :slight_smile: I can stop the search and start a list HA!

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