Auto-Complete: Does the Windows Version ONLY Work w/Lists?

Scrivener for Windows/Linux
Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8.1 Pro


I set Word Auto-Completion to “Suggest completions as you type” = checked and “In script mode only” = unchecked (Tools -> Options -> Corrections).

I set up some test terms in the Auto-Complete List (Project -> Auto Complete List).

So far I’ve only gotten the autocomplete feature to work with the test terms in Auto Complete List.

I have not gotten it to suggest dictionary terms.

Is there a step I’m missing?

Incidentally, I got this to work in the Mac version of the Scrivener software, but the Mac version has an additional option I noticed is NOT available in it’s Windows counterpart: “Only suggest completions from custom auto-complete lists”.

Does this mean that the Windows version of the software can only suggest completions from the custom Auto-Complete List?

Any help would be fantastic,

Yup, looks like you found the answer. Generally speaking, if you don’t find an option or menu in the Windows version, the underlying feature isn’t going to be there either.)

There are a bunch of menu layout differences between the Mac and Windows versions. I guess I was hoping that the answer was related to this and not the obvious. Too bad :confused:

This makes the Windows version less useful, of course.

Thanks for your reply,