Auto-complete for scene headings in script mode ?


it’s the only thing holding me back from switching to Scrivener atm…

am i an idiot… is there someway to do it that i’m not seeing?

works fine for characters names… highlighting and adding them to the autocomplete.

and i can manually open the autocomplete box and add a scene heading/location (way too many steps, i’ll never do that for every scene heading), but i would just highlight the heading and click add to auto complete list… but that doesn’t work…well i can… it just doesn’t seem to do anything or add it : (

is there something i’m missing?


I’m not sure what you are asking, but is it something that isn’t accomplished by using the tab key, (or Crtl+) ?

i’m looking for the autocomplete that final draft and every other software i’ve used offers for SCENE HEADINGS



that has always been a big time saver once your a dozen pages into a script… perhaps the biggest.

i’m trying to figure out if there is a way for scrivener to offer to autocomplete a scene heading when you start typing… the same way it does for Characters names… ?

sadly… i think i know the answer to my own question : (

i think you can only highlight ONE WORD and right click and add it instantly and easily to the autocomplete list for a project. (you can open the list and manually hit the add button and paste it… that works… but is like 3 steps and defeats the purpose : ) : (

not sure if it’s a bug or a feature : ) : (

but i am LOVING scrivener… thinking i’ll probably buy after the trial ends (i had been using OneNote for similar tasks… organizing research and notes for dozens of scripts)

OneNote offers NONE of the script centric aspects of scrivener (been using and embedding final draft files/drafts)

the ONE thing it does have that i find so useful that i’ll still probably have to use it (OneNote), is it lets you have ALL your notebooks (read- Binders) open/on a list on the right or left that you can click thru… that’s the one thing i’ll have to gauge over the next 30 days… if the ability to jump around between 50 projects/ideas instantly/at will (and backed up instantly without saving on windows) trumps the amazing features of scrivener… right now i am enjoying writing in and messing around with scrivener soo much… that i think scrivener will win in the end… (but if they are looking for the knock onenote out of existence ‘feature’ … it’s the ability to have a list of ALL the projects you create in the binder pane and be able to instantly switch between them… that’s the onenote killer… imho (in my humble opinion for anyone that didn’t grow up in zines : )

in terms of being a FINAL DRAFT/MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER/FADE IN/CELTX/WRITER’S DUET/ADOBE STORY killer… (i’m SOLD on scrivener for screenwriting in every other way/aspect… it’s sleek/nimble/non crashing beauty/the ability to SPLIT things… that’s HUGE… many other things i am forgetting…) but… the one thing it lacks… is the thing i’m asking about… the massive time saving autocomplete for scene headings (and it doesn’t need to be automatic… though that would be nice… it just needs to work… when you highlight the scene heading and click add to autocomplete list… it needs to work.)

i can live with the lack of a true page count (though adding that in script mode for scrivener would be a moon shot/killer). there are ways around that (exporting to pdf and checking the real world page count in writers duet or final draft etc)… but the lack of autocomplete for scene headings is kind of a killer… as it’s the biggest time save/greatest help in not stopping the flow when your on a roll… of anything a screenwriting program can do for you. (IMHO) : )

so no one has an answer/clarification?
i could have sworn that one of the review sites out there reviewing this for screenwriting said it had autocomplete for scene headings… that you just had to highlight and add to auto complete… but unless i’m missing something, that doesn’t seem to work : (

V3 has this feature if it didn’t in the past!

It looks like the OP is two years old now, but in case anyone’s still wondering, this functionality is in 1.9.

  • Do Format / Scriptwriting / Script Settings
  • Select your Scene Heading format (or create it if you don’t have one) and then add the texts you want to the Auto-Complete list.

This is a different, script-specific, functionality to the list that is accessed by highlighting a word, right-clicking and doing ‘Add Selection to Auto-Complete List’.