Three questions and kudos.

First. Is there a way to transfer an auto-complete list into other projects? I create a separate journal for each novel and I’d rather not have to re-create an auto-complete list for each project.

Second. My auto-complete list does not pick up words with accents --accent aigu & accent grave – although they have been “learned” through spell check and are identified as correct. I cannot get Scrivener to recognize them, let alone auto-complete–even with the esc key. It does not even come up on that list. Must I do Copy & Paste or Find & Replace every time?

Third. Must I "tell’ it to auto-complete each time–for example–capitalizing names not at the beginning of a sentence. There are few things that I actually love about WORD, but the auto-correct feature is one. I have my own short-hand that I developed in law school & I can do it with WORD but not Scrivener. [t-for the, w- for with, wo- for without, etc.]

I’ve been using Scrivener since August 2008 & absolutely LOVE it! I felt comfortable immediately. It’s organized the way my mind works. I’m a “lateral filer” and NEED to SEE & quickly get my hands on everything at once. Scrivener allows me to do that. It’s been an incredibly pain-free program to learn. (Of course, I actually did the tutorial first) It’s simple, easy and not filled with stuff I don’t need. And I love the icon! Very clever.
Kudos to Scrivener! :smiley:


If you have certain settings - such as an auto-complete list, a set of labels or whatever - the best thing to do is just create a project template. Just set up a blank project (or you can base it on one of the exiting templates) with all the elements you would like present whenever you create a new project, then just use File > Save As Template. You can then use that template whenever you start a novel, so that all of your auto-complete words are ready from the start.

Hmm, I’m not sure about this. I just tried adding a word with an accent and it worked okay. Scrivener just uses the built-in OS X auto-complete feature, so that handles the auto-completion itself, so I’m not quite sure why it isn’t working. Is this adding via the Edit > Auto-Complete List sheet? Can you give me an example of a word that doesn’t work?

Auto-complete only fills in words so it doesn’t auto-correct anything, if that’s what you mean - that is coming with 2.0. Also in 2.0 you’ll be able to choose to auto-complete as you type, so you won’t have to hit cmd-period every time, but I would think that option would be annoying in most circumstances (even though I’m offering it!)…

Thanks! Glad you like the icon too - it seems to be like Marmite, in that users either love it or hate it (I get a lot of “I HATE YOUR ICON!” e-mails :slight_smile: ). The credit goes to AmberV for the execution of that, though.

Thanks and all the best,

Yeah, I remember the guy who’d downloaded the trial and on his first post here suggested that the icon should be changed for something more appropriate and original — in his mind — like a typewriter!
P.S. I love the icon and wish I’d thought of it! :slight_smile:

Reproducing the auto-complete list with Project Template makes sense–actually I thought of it after I posted. I’ll do that next time.

Re: auto-complete words with accents
I discovered that if I type letters of the word up to–but not including–the accented letter, the accented word will come up in auto complete. If I type any of the letters that are accented it will not pick up an accented choice–if that makes sense. But that’s ok–now I know how to do it.

Very cool about the 2.0 auto-correct features!

I must say that I am still amazed how well Scrivener fits with my creative process. I feel like I’ve found a new best friend. Many thanks. Scrivener will be mentioned in my Acknowledgments.