Auto-conversion of typewriter quotes into curly quotes

Scrivener used to automatically convert typewriter quotes (both single and double) into curly quotes, but has stopped doing so. Any advice as to how I can get that function back? Thanks.

I forgot to add that “Use smart quotes” in “Preferences” --> “Corrections” is of course selected.

This may help: [url]]

Thanks for this. I am not working in script mode (although the problem might have actually begun around the time I accidentally switched to script mode for one of my files, reverting right after), and hiding page view won’t fix it either. Smart quotes will work fine in Word, in other Scrivener projects, and in the footnotes of any file in the same Scrivener project, but won’t work in the main editor on any file on this project.

To change large batches of text,
select them in the Binder
And then use Format: Convert:

For new Binder texts, see Preferences: Corrections: Substitutions.

If you are preparing an MS for a publisher/printer,
They usually prefer straight quote marks.
Unless yours is camera-ready copy.

Thank you very much. I will use this function (although this still does not solve the mystery of the smart quotes auto-correct that stopped functioning).

Another place to check is in the Mac’s Keyboard System Preference pane, under the “Text” tab. There is a setting there for how smart quotes should print. If you’ve set these to be straight here, then that is what “smart quotes” will look like in Scrivener. It just pulls this information from the system to allow for localisations.