Auto Corrrect Two Initial Capped Letters like Word Does

Scrivener is for writers, to help us write as efficiently as possible, at least that is my take on all its features. The simple feature of Word, correcting every time I hold the cap button down too long and get two capital letters is such a time saver. I can be halfway through the next sentence when I have to go back and fix these in Scrivener. Will you be adding this feature soon to the Windows version.

I see people have been asking since 2011 at least. It would be awesome to have that auto correct. I am still in the free trial stage and am trying to decide if Scrivener is the tool for me, but this lack of auto correct is definitely slowing me down. Also, the synonyms I’m getting–sometimes none–are a bit of a bummer, compared to Word, but that is on me to learn more words. Anyway, so far, it seems like a good tool. Thanks.

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I totally agree.I often make that exact mistake (several times per page, when there are a lot of names in a text), A simple setting that fixes the problem would be awesome!