Auto-Generate Synopsis

Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything here:

a) is there a way to auto-generate a synopsis for multiple items simultaneously?

b) Is there a way to increase the length of the auto-generated synopsis? In testing, it looks like it just grabs the first 25 words or so, Ideally I’d like to increase that to 250ish.

c) I seem to be able to put much more info into the synopsis field if I copy and paste - is there a limit to how long the synopsis can be?

I just discovered Export Outliner Contents as CSV, so I’ve been experimenting to see just how much info I can cram in there. My documents are all very short <250 words, and it occurred to me if I can manage to get the full text into the synopsis field, and then export to csv - my clients would probably really like that…

Upon further reflection, I think it might work out better in the long run to use a custom meta-data field for that anyway, rather than the Synopsis.

Okay, same question - is there a maximum amount that you can cram into a custom meta data field?

1a) No, this only works on one document at a time, as it’s all handled in the inspector.

1b) You can’t increase the default length, but you can select text in the document and then use the auto-generate synopsis button to add the complete selection to the synopsis, so you could select the entire document’s text and add it.

1c) Not in theory. I can imagine you’d have a rough time navigating an outliner showing synopses of thousands upon thousands of words. 250 shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. Same as 1c. Be aware though that while the synopses are saved as plain-text files in your project folder, custom meta-data is all stored directly in the .scrivx file. If you’re just copying your main document text to there, it’s not such a big deal, but I wouldn’t advise you just write complete documents in the meta-data section.

Okay, thanks.

Although each individual document is small, over the course of a project I’ll have 1000’s of them so if the custom meta-data is written into the .scrivx I can foresee that becoming a problem for this computer.

So I’ll go back to the Synopsis field for that. It shouldn’t be too much bother to hack together an AutoHotkey script to automate that for me.