Auto-Highlight Current Doc In Binder

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Suggestion — let’s say I have two editors open, split vertically. When I click in Document A, it would seem logical that it would also light-up in the Binder, or auto-highlight there. Same goes for Document B. Just wondering if this could maybe be added as a feature sometime in the future?

Andy H.

alt cmd r of any use? … ings-mode/

I believe that would be Ctrl-Shift-8 on Windows. Not the most convenient keystroke, I might add.

My wish would be for an option to Reveal in Binder automatically when clicking in a split window.

I would recommend adding a “left arrow” to the “prev” and “next” arrows at the right end of the edit window title bar, to Reveal in Binder. (You can achieve the same result by clicking Prev and Next in succession, but that’s not very slick…) Or at least a RiB button in Customize Toolbars.

It might be even nicer to have three dedicated buttons on the edit window title bar, instead of inside the dropdown. (The dropdown could be eliminated by putting Path> and Goto> in dedicated buttons as well. There seems to be plenty of room on the title bar for this…) I always avoid dropdowns if they just contain a few choices, and if there’s room for buttons. (E.g., Adobe loves to provide a dropdown with just two options, instead of a pair of radio buttons.)


Having Reveal in Binder happen every time the split view changed focus or you used navigation methods would be pretty horrible - the behaviour is explained in our FAQ: … im-editing

But I certainly wouldn’t want folders I’ve closed in the binder suddenly auto-expanding just because I’ve clicked into a different editor or hit “Back” in the navigation bar, and that’s why the interface works from left to right.

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You can change the keyboard shortcut in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options on Windows.

It wouldn’t have to. In the case of folders, just the folder could be highlighted; then if you expand it, the file itself could be highlighted.

And for those who don’t like navigation feedback, the whole thing could be a preference.