Auto-Numbering Problems

I am using Level 2 folders for chapters, and Level 3 folders for sections. I want to reset the numbering of the sections in each chapter.

My Level 3 settings look like this:

According to my reading of the documentation, this should work for my Level 2 settings:
<$rst_R>Chapter <$t:chapter>:

But that doesn’t work. The sections numbers aren’t reset between chapters. I can do this:
<$rst><$R>Chapter <$t:chapter>:

And that resets the <$R> but it also puts a section number before the word “Chapter” which I don’t want.

My workaround is to use this for my Level 3 settings:

And this for Level 2:
<$rst_section>Chapter <$t:chapter>:

There are two problems with this workaround.

First, in the Compile window where it shows the preview of the auto-numbering outcome it displays this:
<$rst_section>Chapter One: Title

Shouldn’t that “<$rst_section>” be hidden in the preview just like the “<$rst_R>” and “<$rst><$R>” were hidden?

Second, the workaround shouldn’t be necessary at all because “<$rst_R>” should work. According to the documentation, “Alternatively, you can place <$rst_X> anywhere in the text, replacing the “X” with the letter used in the auto-numbering tag you wish to restart. E.g. <$rst_R> would restart the uppercase Roman numeral auto-numbering from that point onwards.”

Thanks for listening!

Hi Steve,

It seems there are two bugs here:

  1. Using <$rst_keyword> in a prefix or suffix causes that tag to appear in the title preview when it shouldn’t. This was already on my list to fix for 2.2.1. It has no effect on the output and is just a preview bug, though, so you can safely use this method as a workaround until (2) below is fixed.

  2. It seems that <$rst_R>, <$rst_W> and <$rst_L> have no effect, thanks to a bug I must have introduced around 2.1 or so. The cause is some code I added to fix another bug, which strips any extraneous <$rst_…> tags from the tag in case too many have been added. Unfortunately, this code is not case-sensitive, and thus it removes all of the <$rst_R> tags at the end of the <$rst_r> pass and so on.

I’ll fix both of these for 2.2.1, but in the meantime, as I say, just use your workaround and ignore the ugly effect it has in the preview box for now.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

All the best,