Auto numbering


I am writing a manual that outlines a set of instructions. Each part of the instruction set has its own folder. Within each folder are documents that describe each step of the process.

I would like the compiler to print out the name of the folder as the section heading and number each document within the folder to create a list of steps. Depending on the task, there may be multiple folders in the Draft. I am able to accomplish the numbering part by adding the “<$n>” tag in the prefix section in the sections layout editor. I would like the compiler to restart numbering when it encounters a new folder.

Is this possible. If so, how can I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

Just found a solution in the forums: I added the <$rst_n> tag in the title prefix field for the layout that defines the folder containing the directions documents.

This seems to be resetting the numbering of the documents once the compiler encounters a new folder.

FYI, there’s a complete list of the available placeholder tags on the Help menu.


Also, you can create a named version of <$n> so that if <$n> is used elsewhere (numbering chapters, for instance), you won’t increment or reset them. I think the syntax would be like <$n:instruct> and <$rst_n:instruct>, but you should read up on that pop-up from the help menu to be sure of the proper syntax.