Auto Snapshot

I could not see anything requested specific to this (but may have missed it in my search).

I’m wondering if there could be an ‘auto snapshot’ feature added where I flag a document to auto-snap every time I start editing in the document, per session (so each time I close & open scrivener is a new session). Perhaps also have an option of ‘per day’ or ‘per session’.

In my writing with libre office, I always copy the file I am writing on to a new version, every time I edit. I have found this to be invaluable as I have been able to go back and find things I had written, but perhaps deleted thinking I wouldn’t want it, and then later decided I did want it elsewhere.

The problem is the overt action of snapshoting is almost too much effort. I have plenty of disk space, and would have no issue if I could flag certain sections to auto-snap. Wonderfully helpful.

I am using Linux/Fedora20, so I know this is down the development path. Thanks for supporting Linux! Great product!

That would be handy.

In the meantime you could maybe turn on automatic backups on project open and tell it to keep all backups, rather than just the 5 most recent. I don’t know whether that’s in the Linux version yet, have a look at Options | Backup.