Autocomplete isn't completing

On three projects I have been using autocomplete for some time without problems. It’s suddenly decided to stop working. I’ve done the usual: check corrections; set to default; deleted words, then re-entered. Nada.
I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks :pray:

Are the words in your project’s auto-complete list ?
And set for General Text ?

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They’re in ‘All texts and scripts’. They were working in that set up, and also worked in general texts. They worked for daily for many months, then, yesterday, just stopped.

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I’ve sorted the problem. I discovered that in the Corrections section, the ‘in script only’ had been ticked. I unticked it and now it’s working alright. That begs the question, how did the’ in script only’ become ticked? A bug or what? I’m the only user, and I didn’t tick that box :thinking:.


It may have reset to default in a recent update, which temporarily removed auto-complete for anything but scriptwriting, since it was causing excessive crashing in macOS 14, when combined with the “predictive” feature Apple added. After a workaround was found, a later update reinstated it. I wouldn’t have thought that would have changed defaults, but perhaps if the removal was deep enough to cause even the settings to be purged, then it would make sense that they would come back as defaults.

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I’m still using Ventura. I haven’t updated.

I have had the same issue for about a week, but I kept slogging through it. Not any longer thanks to you :pray:

I doubt if I will ever understand That!
But I am sure as scrives that you do.
Thank You to all.