Autocorrect not working

I have it turned on in the iOS setttings, and the Scrivener settings. I spell teh and hit the space bar, and nada. Just stays the same. I must be missing something.

This happened to me too. I had to go into iOS Settings > Keyboards and toggle off/on the spelling options. Magically it all started working again. For me I suspect a combination of external keyboard (folio case) and Grammarly keyboard and then dynamically switching between Grammarly / Emoji / British English causes the iOS spelling engine to give up. Changing the toggle “reminds it” that it should be on… GL

I did try that, a couple of times. No love. I also just tried to post a support request, and it got bounced. “Dreamhost email support”. No idea what that is or why it would break.

Love the product, for the most part. Somewhat unimpressed right now.