Autocorrect spelling when not needed

Is there a way, when autocorrect for spelling is enabled, to hit the space bar and another key to have autocorrect ignore what it sees as a misspelled word? I know I have spelled the word correctly that Scrivener doesn’t recognize as a correctly spelled word. It would be nice not to always tell scrivener to ignore or learn spelling of every word I use that it doesn’t know.

Latest version of Scrivener on Windows 11 laptop.


At first I thought it was the red underline that you wanted gone.
But now I understand that you actually mean that you don’t want the word corrected live. (?)

I am afraid you have no choice but to keep telling Scrivener to learn those words.

On the other hand, since you speak of key combination, know that Scrivener’s autocorrect only kicks in when the space after the word is typed.
So you could perhaps in those cases create a substitution, the word you want followed by a dash (no space) to be substituted for the word without a dash following it.

I think this might work. You’d have to try.
(Is it less trouble than Learn Spelling? – ??..)

Thanks, I guess I’ll just have to use ignore or learn. It would be a nice feature.

Or perhaps you could type the word, dash, space, left arrow, backspace, right arrow.
If that works, make it an AutoHotKey script.

That part → dash, space, left arrow, backspace, right arrow.

If dash doesn’t work (say the autocorrection happens when typing it after the word), then quest a character that freezes the autocorrect, as it is waiting for the word to be completed.
I suppose a simple consonant would do. Otherwise some Greek letter, perhaps.

I don’t know if this a joke or not. :crazy_face:

I am serious.
You could (perhaps) create your own key combination to bypass auto-correct on the fly.

The downside is that you’d have to know (memorize) when to use it though. (Otherwise you’d find out you should’ve used it too late.)
Not sure it’d be a win over using Learn Spelling this much.

. . . . . . .

→ But now that I think of it, try simply Ctrl-Z after the correction was done. (?) ←

Type your word, then space or period or comma, and then Ctrl-Z. (?)

Ctrl-Z works.
But the word remains underlined after the fact. (I suppose that with auto-correct on, you don’t need to have the other option to check spelling on as well, so perhaps you’ll then have what you wanted.)

(And I am still not joking. :wink: )

It does! Woo hoo! It’s too simple though. :upside_down_face:

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Then I guess you could design an AutoHotKey script to do the undo, then paste in “The earth is a flat ball”, and then have it deleted one letter at a time, from first to last.

I’m all in on this. lol