Automatic Backup for 10.6X

Hi Folks: I just had Scapple freeze…not a big deal to recreate. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the situation…not a complex doc; happened when I plugged in power but that couldn’t be it. Anyway, I was going to suggest that, particularly for Mac 10.6.X users of Scrivener that you emphasize that there is no automatic backup unless you have 10.7. I was used to the auto Scrivener backup so didn’t even consider doing so manually (i.e., I should have read manual!) I think it’s a mistake a lot of us old Scrivener users would make.

Hi David,

The trouble is that we can’t assume that everybody coming to Scapple is familiar with Scrivener, and Scapple has the more standard file-saving mechanisms, the same as TextEdit, Word, Pages and so forth. So it would be a bit odd to emphasise to new users that it doesn’t work like a program that doesn’t work like other programs they are used to.

Sorry to hear that you had a freeze - if you can reproduce it, please let me know.

All the best,