automatic backup is a must-have for final release

I’m pretty stunned that the windows beta has no automatic backup feature like the Mac version has. Data safety and integrity should be priority #1 for this sort of application. The current beta makes you manually choose the backup option from the menu (there’s not even a key command for it), then browse to the target location before saving it. It doesn’t even remember that location, so that you have to repeat this entire process every time you create a backup. Honestly, I don’t see how the current process could be any more inconvenient or prone to human error. Please tell me I’m missing something major here? If not, this is something that should be addressed before final release. Data safety elements are essentials, not “features.” It would be a huge mistake to let this slide to the 2.0 cycle. :open_mouth:

Automatic backup was only added to version 2 of the Mac version of Scrivener - it did not exist in version 1. The Windows version will eventually have automatic backup - in the not-too-distant future - but is shooting for 1.54 features first. Backup [i]is[/is] essential, I agree, but the lack of automatic backup in 1.x of the Windows version does not prevent you from putting good automatic backup routines in place - which of course everyone should have. :slight_smile:

Lee has final say on when this will get added to the Windows version, but I believe features will be locked very shortly.

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