Automatic Compile with bleeding toggle options for PDF files

Dear L&L team,

I am currently using both Mac and Windows version of Scrivener (and mobile, iOS). I like the software since 2015. Glad to see you are still working hard on it.
I recently found a big pain-point while compiling my manuscripts to print-ready format as I am going through some POD services.

  • Some of them can add bleedings for me, and they require no bleeding.
  • Some others can do both, with or without bleeding.
  • While some required strictly with a proper margin, differing from inches to mm according to the printing sizes. For example, 6 x 9 inches books require a 0.125 inches bleeding on each side, while A5 148 mm x 210 mm books require a 3 mm bleeding on each side.
    This is the requirement for interiors of the book which I rely on Scrivener.
    And, it cannot be done to simply modify the page size in the project since every print-on-service has its own requirement. If I do so, I will have to change all margins, sides, page sizes every time for a single book.
    I do cover design with other graphic softwares so they are all fine with a toggle to turn on and off for the bleeding option.
    All the post-processing methods require additional work and time. And many of them are stupid and need repeated human labor. They are so time consuming, especially for epic fantasy books.

It will be great if you can help to add this print to pdf bleeding changing options. This, in your side, I believe should be some thing like I did manually-by calculating the margins and page size with a specific formula.
All I need is a simple toggle options before compiling the book.

I searched through this forum and the help manuals, only got information about cover image bleedings. So I made this post.

Please help and thank you. :slight_smile:

So you create a different Compile format for each service? This is how the Compile command is intended to work.

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