Automatic Indent

I have checked everywhere but don’t see this info anywhere. Is there a way to auto indent every paragraph? Is that something I should do if I am writing a Kindle e Book?

As I recall, should happen automatically.

Is accomplished via the Ruler settings.


To auto indent every paragraph in every new document (not the one you’re working on currently), go to Tools > Options > Editor. In the dummy editor box there, drag the ruler indentation guide until it’s where you want it. Click OK and it will take effect for new documents.

To apply what you’ve just selected there to an existing document, in that document go to Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. You’ll get a dialog with some detailed options, and when you click OK your chosen paragraph indent will be applied to the document.

As to whether this is a good idea for a Kindle eBook, I have no idea. But someone here does, I’m sure.

Generally speaking it is a good idea to use indented paragraphs for e-book publishing as it will provide a visual result that people are accustomed to. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must work with indenting in the text editor while writing, if you really don’t like that look for authoring. Scrivener is set up so that you can write in an environment that is comfortable for you, and yet go on to publish using standards that readers will be familiar with.

This is done in the compile phase, using the Formatting pane. I believe the “E-book” format preset will automatically set your text to use a first-line indent with no space between paragraphs. So you could try experimenting with that if you prefer another look in the editor.