Automatic page break

Allo allo, I can’t find info about it already, so …
I have made some texts (scenes), and when I compile it out, then text is connected. Shouldn’t they be paged broken?? Okay, but how to automatically make page breaks between scenes?

The magic is in the Separators tab in the Compile Format Designer.
Most standard Formats should do this by default.

Doubleclick you Format in the left column of the Compile Overview window.
Copy and Edit the Format if asked for.
This opens the Compile Format Designer. The Separators tab is the second in the menu at the left.

For the Section Layout that your scenes uses, set the Separator before sections to Single Return and Separator between sections to Empty Line.

Hope this helps

Why change section separator settings??
Oh well, I tried, it didn’t work.
I have also tried a simple page break manually, it neither works.
So I just downloaded the newest version, and it won’t page break.
So the only page break are chapters. It’s those large numbers you get also with them. Can’t find where to write my own chapter text also.

It would help if you knew what you were doing. :wink:

So, either start the Interactive Tutorial from the Help menu, or read a good book about compiling.

Essentially, the Separators ARE the page breaks between scenes in Scrivener 3.