Automatic per-line versioning?

One thing that would be nice for lazy people like myself who don’t think to use snapshots until it’s too late—is an automatic versioning and recall capability similar to what you’d find if you’re using a combination of Jetbrains IntelliJ and a version control like SVN or Git.

I don’t know how much additional space it would require (though I’m sure it could be compressed as well) but it certainly would make going back to a “I think I liked the way I wrote it before” point easier, no matter when it was or if I thought it was a good version or not.

The UI implementations in IntelliJ and Google Docs are far from friendly but the core functionality would be wonderful to have when we need it.

You haven’t noted which platform you are on, but I’m going to assume Mac based on the screenshot. Check in the General preferences pane. You should see an option there to “Take snapshots of changed text documents on manual save”. This does what it sounds like. It takes the manual process out of making snapshots and will automatically snap anything you’ve touched recently when you press Cmd-S. I think that would address most of what you are concerned about.

As for a visual diff, we don’t have anything as fancy as FileMerge, but the “Compare” button in the snapshot Inspector pane can illuminate differences between two snapshots, or between a snapshot and the current text. The granularity of that can be tuned in the down-arrow beside that button.