Automatic renumbering... and exam questions "database"

This is a long shot…
I used to use Keynote to write, plan and organize multiple choice exams. Basically writing one question per slide, getting an automatic slide number on top, and printing with the 9 or 12 or whatever slides per page layout. Crude in a way, although the renumbering of the questions was done automatically if I were to change the order of the questions, add one, delete one, etc.
Now I want to do this with Scrivener… I see the same potential and more for organization, re-ordering, writing, compiling it and printing, but I am stuck on the automatic renumbering of the questions.
Am I missing some magical powers here of Scrivener to do this?

This can be done in Scrivener, but maybe not in the way you’re expecting it to work. There isn’t anything that will automatically re-number things as you see them in Scrivener, but if you use the auto-numbering “placeholders” (see the help menu for a list of them and explanations regarding their use), then you can get Scrivener to automatically number things, in order, when you compile your exams. In Scrivener, the “numbers” might look something like “<$n:exam_q_num>” , for instance, Every place where that “placeholder” exists in Scrivener (and where it’s included among the files to be compiled into your final exam document), that would be replaced by the number 1, and then the second occurrence of it would be replaced by the number 2, and so-on. Rearranging documents containing those “<$n:exam_q_num>” placeholders would results in a different numbering scheme when you compiled again.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! I think this may do it! I will have to read a bit on placeholders now, but it sounds like a great solution! Thank you!

This worked perfectly by the way! Exactly what I wanted! :smiley:

Can this system be used to reference as in the Vancouver referencing format?