Automatic SaveAll and ProgramClose after extended inactivity

Sometimes I forget to close Scrivener on my main computer and then, when I go to open it on my laptop, discover that I forgot. I know I can make a copy, but it would be nice to be able to have all changes already integrated. Is there a way to provide an option such that after, say, an hour of inactivity, the program will automatically save everything and then shut itself down? It may be that the items wouldn’t be saved in the optimal location or with the best names, but it might solve this problem for me. Of course, the real solution is just a better memory!

Exactly this feature has already been implemented for a future version. :slight_smile:

A better memory for the user? Great! :laughing:

Note that since scrivener saves all your changes after a few seconds of inactivity, creating a copy of an open project should net you an up-to-date version of your project. I had to deal with this recently; once I got back to the other computer, I archived the original project (created a backup with File->Backup->back up to), closed it down and deleted it. I then waited patiently for Dropbox to finish uploading all of those changes before renaming the copy back to the original project name.