automatic spell control for german language?

I just installed the trial of Scrivener and worked out the interactive tutorial and I am happy with how it all worked out 8) - but I am from Germany and intend to write in German, so the automatic spell check underlines almost every word because it’s in no english dictionary. How can I fix this? :question:
Is there an “addon” for german spell checking or am I able to turn it out?

Open the “Options” dialogue (press F12, or Tools > Options)
Go to the “Corrections” tab.
In the “Spelling” section near the top, press “Download…”
Select “German” from the list in the window that opens and then press “Download”
Then, when back in the Spelling section of the Options dialogue, press “Select…”
“German” should now be in the list of available dictionaries. Select it and click “Ok”.
Click “OK” to come out of the main “Options” window.

Slight addition to Pigfender’s directions, I believe you need to restart Scrivener between downloading the dictionary and then being able to select it–it won’t show up in the list until you have done so.

Thank you so much for your help!
There is still a lot of red underlining and I have to “teach” the spell correction program a lot I fear, but that’s fine.
(And this is not because of my bad spelling :wink: )

MM, I noticed that Scrivener doesn´t tell that you need to do a restart anymore. It has done this before. I switch between English and German dictionaries as well (for different projects) and previous versions, Scrivener did tell to do a restart when I changed the dictionary.
Now it doesn´t, so I assumed at first, that it isn´t nessary anymore and just wrote on. But then, when I added a new word to my personal word list (choose “learn spelling”, I mean), it was still underlined red.
After restart, the word had been added though.

Hey Nebu,

it was the same for me (I use the German dictionary as well). I think, that the dictionary has a very limited German word count, but it gets better with time :slight_smile:


In addition to my previous post about restarts, I just found out, that when I started it today and changed the dictionary I could use the new dictionary without a restart and the “learn the word”-funtion seems to work as well, without an restart.

Yeah, it’s just the adding of a newly downloaded dictionary to the list of selectable dictionaries that requires a restart. All else should be good for a hotswap.

In the last week or so, I switched more often between the English (UK) and the German dictionary and I have seen a pattern:

I can switch the dictionary without a restart, but most times the personal word list seems to work only after a restart.

Not sure if this any new or useful information, but I thought I tell you just in case it is a bug.

Dear community,

I have another question, working with scrivener a couple of months now…

Can I start with a word database completely empty?

My dictionary learns a lot, but there are so many nonsense-word suggestions that I’d rather prefer to delete the database and start with a complete blank one, teatching it every word I want but be sure there are no longer such misspelled oder nonsense suggetions (words that really don’t exist).

Hello, I am completely new here so sorry if I should have started a new thread instead of using this one. But I have the same problem - only, when I tried this good advice, I found everything, only no German dictionary, only English (UK, USA, Canada) and a default. Any idea where I could find the German one? My scriverner-software is quite new, I won the last NaNo and bought the full version. I deleted the trial before I installed the new one, so I do not think this can be a reason.

Would be glad for help. Thank you.

Dear Rheinsberg,

you have to click “download” instead of “select”. You can choose the German dictionary there and then you need to click the download-button below the list of dictionaries. The German dictionary should download after this.
When it´s downloaded you can go to “select” and select the German dictionary there. Maybe you need to restart Scrivener before it shows, I´m not sure, I haven´t downloaded a dictionary in ages :slight_smile:

Thank you, of course - I had thought “select” would show me which dictionaries could be downloaded. My mistake, and now it works. That is a big help, now I get rid of all these red underlines.

See you around.

Yay, glad it worked :slight_smile:

The german dictionary is unsufficient, but here is an instruction to fix it: The Taming of the Beast – Senza Nome