Automatic Sync to Index Card

While I would desperately love a version of Scrivener for the iPad, I currently use Scrivener’s Sync to Index Card feature so I can work on the iPad when I am mobile. The problem is that is an manual process, and thus I frequently forget to do it, and I am stuck unable to work effectively – since I then have to make notes in another app and manually update Scrivener later.

I would very much like it if and automatic sync feature was available. Once I have established a sync collection, and synced it the first time, I would like it if every time I saved the sync would happen automatically. That way I am always up to date.

Likewise, I would like Scrivener to periodically check if Index Card updated the .indexcard file and pull those changes automatically.

This way I am always up to date, as soon I open Index Card I know I have access to the latest. The process is still manual on the Index Card (though I have written a very similar request with them :wink:), but it would be better than the system now.