Automatically convert markdown with links into hyperlinks

When I paste hyperlinks I find online in Scrivener, it pastes the embedded hyperlink in the file (retaining the formatting). However, when I paste it from markdown, it will not automatically convert the text into the embedded hyperlink.

My current workspace is cutting the files from Obsidian to Scrivener, so I end up having to copy the text format and then paste it as text rather than converting into hyperlinks. Something that I found that I could do is copy from the reader view than the source code view so that it turns the text into the hyperlink and it works that way. The issue with this is that it would take an extra step to delete the text after copying it (I can’t cut the text). Is there any easy way currently to do this?

Generally I advise converting Markdown to some rich text friendly format if the intention is to bring it into Scrivener, and not use Scrivener was a Markdown writing platform. Obviously if you intend to, then you might as well leave them as real links.

I understand what you’re describing is a bit more fluid than the typical migration route though? You aren’t so much looking to bring 80k words written in Markdown into Scrivener (there, using Pandoc to make a DOCX would be ideal), but just little bits here and there?

Do you use a programmable clipboard manager or maybe a text expansion tool? That’s probably how I’d go about it; something that takes the contents of the clipboard, runs it through Pandoc to an RTF snippet and pastes the result with the text/richtext MIME type.

Or another approach would be a plugin for Obsidian, like the “Copy as HTML” one, though in my testing Scrivener’s HTML import is a bit messy, particularly around links. Perhaps someone can help create a “Copy as Rich Text” plugin though, on their forums?

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