Automatically detect {{Annotations}} option?

The short version: Could a future version of Scrivener have a Corrections option to turn {{Annotation}} (or similar surrounding punctuation) into an inline annotation, in the way that [[Link]] creates a Scrivener link?

The longer reasoning.
I was fiddling with Typinator, and discovered that I could make it create scrivener links (in conjunction with the Corrections setting to auto-detect them), using the output of a script to create unique file names every time I invoked the shortcut (such as Plot Problem 1, Plot Problem 2…). I’m using these links to create notes by category that can be isolated with a saved search, and possibly even compiled. I don’t want these Scrivener links to appear in a compile of my main text though, so I use inline annotations & the compile option to strip out annotations for that purpose. Being able to automate annotations in typinator the way I can with Scrivener links would be a nice way to streamline my markup method, as I can see creating hundreds of these kinds of links.

Sorry, but there are no plans to add that and it’s a little out of scope (an obscure request :slight_smile: ).
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Mr G,

I think this is the harshest response from KB on record. I always figured it would be vic-k or me that pushed him “over the edge” not you… You have my admiration (such as it is).

‘s now’t wrong wi’ that! Wossamatta wi y’‽

the only “wrong” is that neither you or I managed to get KB to this level prior. We are slipping sir, slipping. We need to step up our game.

I’m happy to give you something to aspire to. We hadn’t had any ridiculous requests lately (some grumpy assertions, sure, but nothing quite so “obscure”). Thought it was about time to tug at the boundaries of good sense for once.

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that’s how we knew you were being mean…

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Dammit, you’re on to me.

N’ah. Metal Mick got worse, although I’m pretty sure KB only did that because I’d mentioned that I thought he wouldn’t a few moments earlier.

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Wait, sorry, it’s blame guthrie week next week. My mistake, but a simple error that anyone could make - even, apparently, KB.

Kevin, which smiley would you use for an obtuse request? This…maybe?