Automatically Separate Paragraphs, Sections

I don’t know if there’s a script for this, or more likely a shortcut I don’t even know about. Most of my scrivener writing is short form, and when I’m blocked it helps to separate out every paragraph or section into its own document, then use corkboard or outliner to work out my demons. I’ve been doing this by draggin and dropping text to the binder. Is there a faster method? Script? Thanks!

You could use cmd-K (split at selection) - just place the cursor where you want to split the text and hit cmd-K. In Scrivener 2.0 you can also automatically split up imported documents.

Within a document, using the shortcut Cmd-K will create a new document at the cursor. I use this when importing text from other sources (import the whole thing, then split into the chunks I want) or when I’m typing and want to split the current document into smaller parts.

EDIT: Keith beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. As usual, this is speeding my process exponentially. I’m talking days. Geez I love Scriv, now give me 2.0 or give me death! (but not death)