Automatically share custom settings, themes, and templates across multiple Macs

I have several Macs. I use Scrivener on all of them. I share my Scrivener projects amongst my Macs by saveing them to iCloud (to my documents and desktop folders). Each of my Macs are set up to run iCloud Drive. I am careful to make sure that my Scrivener Projects are completely saved to iCloud before quiting Scrivener and or shutting down the Mac I am using at the time. I am careful also to make sure that my macs are connected to a fast feed to the internet before using Screivener in this way. I lerned the hard way. All of my macs are running the latest MacOS (currently Sonoma 14.2.1).

So that is my setup and my workflow. It would be nice if I could easily also share all of my Scrivener Settings, Presets, Themes, and Project and Document Templates on each of my Macs such that my work experience is identical from Mac to Mac.

The problem I have encountered is that there seems to be no way to tell Scrivener to share my settings and templates to all of my Macs once I make adjustments to any of these settings or templates on any one of my Macs.

Am I wrong? Is there a way to accomplish this without manually updating the settings I want on each Scrivener app on each of my Macs? I realize that I can save Scrivener Settings as a file, and then go to each of my other Macs and import those settings from that file. But that is such a tiring routine that I resist making changes to any Scrivener settings and templates. Is there some way to tell Scivener to keep all of my instances of Scrivener on all of my machines synced to the latest change on any one of these instances?

Thanks, Randall

Is the Scrivener app aware of the any other instances of itself owned by its registared user and running on other Macs? Seems that the Scrivener App I have running on each of my Macs share the same registration number but do they share user specific information like my name and email and any sort of security username/password binding? Do each of my Scrivener App instances have a special instance ID? Are these instance ID’s shared to and known by the other instances? Are they mutually aware of their instance siblings and the machine ID’s and network ID’s of their sibling instances? Has this issue been addressed when a user instead owns just one Mac but also owns and uses Scrivener on one or more IOS device? Are settings created on a Mac running Scrivener shared automatically to IOS devices owned by the same person? The reverse?

This may just be a typo, otherwise check for updates. The latest version is 14.4.1 (23E224).

Does anyone here use Apple’s Configurator app to synch multiple macs as a way to make sure all macs they own are synched automatically to share the same Scrivener settings and templates? How about Apple’s Business Essentials subscription service? Are there other options? Does Configurator and or Business Essentials provide the synching of Scrivener Settings problem I have described?

Yes, apple just pushed a notifcation to me regarding this update. All of my macs are set to auto-update the OS. Must not have happened yet. Do you have any suggestions or answers to the questions adressed in this post?