Automating settings backup

Is there a way to automatically backup Scrivener settings (‘Save Options to File’) to a specified location – either when closing Scrivener, or by backing up a particular folder, or by running a windows .bat file (perhaps to copy a particular folder).? I know I can do it manually but haven’t been able to find a way to incorporate it into my automated backup regime. Apologies if I’ve missed anythin in the manual.

There isn’t a way of doing that in Scrivener, though you might take a different direction and think about how you could automate exporting the whole registry branch for Scrivener on a regular basis, perhaps nightly. These .reg files can be imported at a later time to fully restore all aspects of how the software runs (more so than the export file).

I don’t actually know how to do that myself, but I have a feeling that’s something there is a niche desire for, and there might even be pre-built tools for doing it, or at the least, PowerShell tips.

I’d be happy to automate exporting a registry branch or copying a folder, if I was confident which registry branch/folder etc.

This post has the general location. The precise branch will depend on which version you have installed, but it should be pretty obvious once you are there. For the latest version, it will be: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\LiteratureAndLatte\ScrivenerQt6.

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Thanks. That will let me automate the backup.

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