Autonumbering folders in Binder / Corkboard

In this video by L&L - - about 1:00 minute in, the animation showed cards being re-ordered in the Corkeboard, and having the Chapter number in the card heading automatically adjusting to the move. In this case, Chapter 2 becomes Chapter 4 automatically. Is this an actual thing? I frequenly add or remove chapter folders as I work on my manuscript and this would be greatly helpful in keeping track of things without having to manually renumber all the chapter folders.

So if you go to View → Corkboard Options → Show Card Numbers you’ll see all of your cards numbered that way, and if you drag and drop on the Corkboard to move things around, the card numbers will automatically be adjusted accordingly. This is just a number, though; it will not show the word “Chapter” in front of it.

The Compiler will automatically number all of your chapters for you when you go to get your work out, so we don’t actually recommend labeling your folders “Chapter One, Chapter Two” and so on in the binder itself. Scrivener will not rename items in the binder for you, so if your chapter folders are named that way, they will not renumber themselves when you re-arrange the binder. The next time you Compile, however, everything will output with the numbering according to the way everything is currently ordered in the binder.

I hope that makes sense!

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Thanks. I know the binder / corkboard is distinct from the compiler, but it’s just aesthetics while working. So, I could just turn on numbering and just name the folder Chapter or something. I liked the way the video portrayed it, however. Seemed more organic than “1. Chapter”

Sure. If you are going to use chapter names (i.e. Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived), you can put the chapter name as the title in the binder. Otherwise, just a brief description or other placeholder.