AV Script


I’m considering purchasing scrivener for Mac but I have a question.

I need to write two column AV (audio/visual) scripts, and I’d like to format them such that I have text and notes in the right column and images in the left. Is that possible or will I need to use Celtx or something else?



You might give the Documentary scriptwriting template an examination. It may have some columns you do not need, but it sounds very similar to what you are going for, and is set up in such a way that one can write an entire long document in a unified tabular environment, without sacrificing the ability to use Scrivener’s capabilities for breaking down long works into shorter more manageable chunks. When you compile, these many tables will be stitched together into one single table.

Give it a few days and see if the environment is comfortable for you, working that way.

I am also trying to do an AV script with the documentary template, (which is fine, I don’t mind the extra column but it would be nice to have a clean AV script template, FWIW) but my trouble is I just can’t get started on it. I can’t seem to find a way to put a header on it, center the frame or anything like that except if I were to try to compile it.

I tried to open up the sample and just use that as the template and change the text, but it is not editable. Can anyone help?


It could be you’re just running into how Scrivener works in general. The text editor window is not a stereotypical word processor display, where you’ve got this simulated piece of paper that has headers and page numbers and margins already baked into it. With Scrivener, the editor is just the content. All of the stuff that makes it a document is added when you compile. So yeah, there is no way to set up a header in the editor. You do that in the Page Settings compile option pane.

As for adjusting the table’s position on the page, I don’t believe that is possible with the table kit we have to use. As said above, when you compile these will all be combined into a single table where appropriate, so I’d just pop the RTF file into Word and fix the table up quickly after you compile.

I’m not sure what steps you are taking to do this. There is actually no way to lock the content of a document in Scrivener. Everything that is text is editable, so you must be in some area that isn’t actually the document template’s text editor or something.