** Away from 31st March to 7th April **


Just to let you all know that I will be away from tomorrow, 31st March, until next week, 7th April, so I unlikely to be able to answer queries or reply to much at all until the 8th April. Please bear with me, and do try to keep the number of posts I have to answer in one go when I get back to a minimum. :slight_smile: Heh, here’s hoping!

Have a great week,
All the best,

Have a nice trip! Thanks for the 1.03 before you went.

Dang it, Keith. You are something else! Thanks so much for the fixes! I wasn’t expecting anything until you got back. Have a great trip!

Say! Even better! Won’t it be too early for bugs up there, too?

Have a lovely time!



Safe travels. Good times.

May the muse smile upon you.


Note: I have been quickly going through the forums whilst on holiday, so please excuse the shortness of my answers - I’m just trying to stay on top of things and answer what I can as quickly as I can. Rudness not intended.

Rudeness? I wouldn’t even check a forum if I was on vacation!

Well, I’m back now. Ugh. Sigh. Etc.

Welcome back, Keith. I hope you had a good time off.

– MJ

Out of respect for your vacation (and gratitude for 1.03), nobody posted anything in your absence. Honest. Well, some. Not a lot. Okay, pretty many, but nothing very interesting, really. Well, it was a thought anyway.

Skiiing was a good choice. Something not at all frustrating. Where it is all downhill and all you have to do is coast… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, the definition of coasting could be used rather liberally. One needn’t, for instance, be using their actual skis.


You didn’t really want to go plowing into that unbroken line of wheedly trees anyway.