[b14] Paragraphs behaving strangely

(It’s possible this is a variation on an issue already reported by someone else. Not sure)

I have a document containing only these 4 paragraphs:
Vivamus eu est at libero.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
It was a dark and stormy night.
Quisque id efficitur justo.

It doesn’t show up here, but the Dark And Stormy Night line will not indent, no matter what I do:

  • Remove Style
  • Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting
  • Copy / Paste Formatting

This is just an example. I’ve had this happen to several other paragraphs as well.

I don’t use styles and all of my text is set to No Style.
If I copy the text into Word, it behaves as it should.

Closer investigation shows that Scrivener believes the 1st and 2nd paragraphs to be part of the same paragraph for some reason, even though they are separated by a hard line break.
Not sure how to fix that.

Did you by chance paste this text from the Web, or from some other program? Or did you type it in?

All typed in by hand, BUT I believe I have opened the document in ProWritingAid. There’s certainly a chance that program introduced some funny business.


ProWritingAid Desktop Release History
Release Notes

Current Version 2.0.26 (12th Mar 2019)
Fixed files with Scrivener line break handling

To clarify, are you using the ProWritingAid version before or after the fix?

I’m not on that PC now. I’ll check tomorrow morning and report back.

I’ve been told by the support staff at Scrivener that I should not use ProWriting aid on my Original Scrivener files. I think their position is “don’t let anyone else mess with our files!”

Instead I should create a sync file and autosync my project to it. Then exit scrivener, and use Prowriting aid on the sync file, not the original. Then when I re-open Scrivener it syncs the ProWriting aid changes back. It takes a little longer to close a project because it always syncs, but it is easier to use ProWriting aid on a file because the synced files are labeled so you can see what each article is about.

I’m currently using it a file at a time, but will probably try the scrivener option inside ProWriting aid some day.

I know this is not the procedure Prowriting aid recommends, but I think Scrivener people probably know better how to protect scrivener files.

I do have the latest version of PWA installed now, but it’s 99% likely I did some editing with the previous, bugged version.

I have always had Scrivener do a complete backup of my project every time I exit, i.e. before I can open the file in PWA. Should disaster strike, I have something very current to fall back on.
(I also do manual compiles to .DOCX every few days)

There’s always the tiny chance of small, unnoticed errors being introduced to the files, but then again, I’m also using a beta product (Scrivener) as my only writing tool. We like to live on the edge here :slight_smile:

You might try the recommended method. It really works quite well, and who knows, the glitch the PWA inserts might not appear for a few months. If you don’t like the syncing method, you can always go back to the edge.