b20 doesn't open after installer error

Scrivener 3 Windows Beta v.20 will not open. Have tried numerous times and program freezes while opening and has to be shut down. Also, while attempting to install, I get the message toward the end of installation:

Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
Could not set registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\x-scrivener-

Got the same message installing Beta v19 but program still worked. With v20, same message during install but after completing installation process Scrivener stalls when opening.

Any suggestions beyond reinstalling v19 until this issue is fixed?

Just so you know, this should have been the start of a new post and not placed here.

As for your problem I would suggest uninstalling the program completely as it sounds like a registry issue. Do not use Beta 19 as its not considered the current program. I’m assuming you have it downloaded on your computer. It was replaced shortly after its release due to having problems.

If you have any settings that you needed saved be sure to do a backup of them before uninstalling so you can put it back in. There are a few threads that discuss this process as I don’t have any that I need saving.

Sorry, first time on the message board. Didn’t know to start a new thread.

As for installation issues with v20, I was able to install and open v20 beta providing I installed it as an administrator. In past beta installs, installing as an administrator was unnecessary.

I’ll try your suggestion about uninstalling completely and reinstalling. Will let you know what happens. Thanks!

Hi again. Tried your suggestion. Uninstalled everything Scrivener-related. Also cleaned up my registry. Reinstalled beta v20 but still serious issues.

Unlike last time, though, the program opened but only to a point. It froze each time I tried to open a previously created file from v19. So I tried to create a new file – froze. I tried to run the interactive tutorial – froze.

And each time I was unable to exit the program until a windows icon appeared asking me to close the program or allow it to keep running.

Like I wrote previously, no problems like this occurred with previous beta versions. I’ll return to v19 to keep using it. Hopefully v21, whenever released, will fix these problems. I certainly pray it does not continue into the official release of Scrivener 3 for Windows. I’ve been looking forward to it.

What version of Windows?
Have you set the scrivener.exe file to any compatibility level?
Do you have a third-party anti-virus or internet scanner, or some other program that tries to intercept calls to disk or memory, running? If so, can you temporarily disable real-time scanning and try again?
Have you tried booting Windows into Safe Mode and trying to start Scrivener without all the extra background programs?

The most effective way to call the problem to the attention of the developers would be to start a new thread.


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What version of Windows?
Windows 10 (latest update)

Have you set the scrivener.exe file to any compatibility level?
Never needed to in the past. I’ve installed as administrator or not and always worked.

Do you have a third-party anti-virus or internet scanner, or some other program that tries to intercept calls to disk or memory, running? If so, can you temporarily disable real-time scanning and try again?
Yup! ESET. Have already turned it off, installed – same problem(s).

Have you tried booting Windows into Safe Mode and trying to start Scrivener without all the extra background programs?
Nope. But have never needed to with previous beta installations. This is the first time it’s happened. Leads me to think it’s something in the beta software update. Otherwise I would’ve run into these issues before.

Thank you. I truly appreciate your suggestions.

That’s a dangerous assumption to make – between Windows updates in the background, AV signatures DBs updating in the background, and other third party programs updating in the background, there’s a lot that is changing on a fairly constant basis. I’ve had trouble with one or two of the betas, but every time it ended up being because of something else on my system.

The safe boot test is just that – a test to help diagnose where the problem is coming from.

Sorry. I suffer from Dangerous Assumptions Disorder (DAD) (p.273, DSM-V). As with most things in life, it all started with my family of origin.

Gotcha! I’ll give the safe boot a shot a bit later today. Will let you know what happens. Again, thank you!

Also, just to be on the safe side, make sure your not putting the software in the same location as 1.9. such as say ScrivenerBeta3 or ScrivenerBeta20. Having both in the same location can cause conflicts due to two differences with the software programs.

And as a side not if possible, check the hardrive to see if there are any bad clusters.

Another excellent suggestion! Will do so a bit later today when I return from receiving the exquisite pain and suffering only my chiropractor knows how to induce, I’ll reinstall v20 yet again and make certain to install into a different directory. Thanks!

Oh, and if there are bad clusters, would Tums help?

Okay. Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions. I tried everything suggested.

*Installed into a new directory. Still stuck/froze at the choose a Project Template menu.
*Installed and ran in safe mode (Windows 10). Still stuck/froze at same place.
*Ran Windows compatibility check in Properties. Still stuck/froze at same place.
*Installed with firewall/virus protection software turned off. Still stuck/froze at same place.

I went thru the registry and cleaned instances of Scrivener. Reinstalled. Still stuck/froze at same place.

I erased all found Scrivener directories on my hard drive. Reinstalled Scrivener. Still stuck/froze as described above. (Given the deletion of all Scrivener files, I hope when it’s time to pay for the official release of Scrivener 3 for Windows the update will still recognize me as a previous Scrivener user.)

So I’ve tried everything suggested and still no good. Beta v20 is not installing and working properly whereas all previous beta versions have had no issues on my computer.

I’ll continue using beta v19 and pray this issue(s) does not make its way into the official release of Scrivener 3 for Windows.

One thing you didn’t do, as far as I can see, is clear your browser cache and then download a new version of the installer.

If something has gone wrong with the current installer download, then just re-installing from that same installer will fail in the same way. Clearing your browser cache first makes sure you’re installing from a fresh download, not the previous faulty download. There have been instances in the past where doing that has solved the problem.



I’ll try that tout-de-suite. However, each time I uninstalled/reinstalled Scrivener Beta v20, I ran my CCleaner program to clean up files, caches, and the registry before the next install. What I did not do is download a new version of the installer. I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks!

Okay. Cleaned out the cache and registry, newly downloaded beta v20 again, cleaned out the cache again, reinstalled as an administrator with my firewall and virus protection temporarily disabled, yet still stuck/froze at Project Template opening menu.

However, [i]I may have found the issue.

[/i]When I opened the program as an administrator the program functioned normally! That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Previous betas never required it. For Beta v20, I have to right click and open the program as an administrator only.

Big downside is that I cannot open Scrivener by double-clicking on an already-established Scrivener project file. It also means that I cannot place the Scrivener program icon on my taskbar to one-click its opening. Right-clicking and opening Scrivener as an administrator is the only way to make it work properly.

Why the program opens at all, let alone gets stuck on the Project Template menu if I do not open the program as an administrator is a real question. But at least I know how to get Beta v20 up-and-running.

Bit of a pain-in-the-tuchus but doable. Again, I hope this issue is resolved by the next beta release, let alone the final product.


Not so hard really. If you once right click on the shortcut or program and choose the compatibility tab, there is a run as administrator checkbox. Once checked that program or shortcut will run as administrator.

But, this isn’t normal, as no one else seems to require this, at least I haven’t heard it before and I don’t need to, so more weirdness.

Verify that your account is set as administrator. Another option is to temporarily create another account, give it administrator rights and then try opening Scrivener.

You are correct. I went into the compatibility menu and set the program to always open with administrator rights. Only issue, albeit very small, is that I must always type in my administrator password to get the program to open. Again, very small issue.

Still, I wonder what got changed in the beta v20 version of the program to bring about this necessity, but so be it. Even if it’s required when they release the official update, okay. At least it’s working. In the end that’s the most important outcome.

Thank you again!

What you see has been seen before, and the answer may be in Windows, not Scrivener. See the following for a case with different programs that sounds very similar to the behavior you’re describing.

answers.microsoft.com/en-us/win … d50c8713aa

I suspect you already provided the answer (for what, not why) in an earlier post:

I installed Beta 20–and all betas I’ve used–via Run As Administrator, and then run it in my standard user account with none of the problems you describe. I suspect using two different install methods has somehow bitten you.

I might be totally in the weeds here, but I wonder if you did a complete uninstall, and then TWO registry cleanings–once in your admin account, once in your user account, to remove ALL past traces–and then a new install via Run as Admin might help.