[B26]Multi-Select snapshots is not working

I have about 70 -95 nodes (no more than two deep) highlighted. I select the “Take snapshots of selected documents.” and nothing happens. I then tried “Take titled snapshots of selected documents” and nothing happens. When I select a single document I don’t see evidence that a snapshot was taken. With all the same documents selected, I try to use the snapshot icon from the inspector-- nothing happens but I don’t see the icon actually be depressed so it make not be triggering the event.

Selected a single node. The take snapsshot menu item works. The icon in the inspector does not work

Mulit-select non-folder items at the same level in the hierarchy allowed me to take multiple snapshots ( Files only-- no Folders).

Hi mstep,

I believe this has been fixed in newer versions. Are you still experiencing this issue?