[B29] Invisible characters become visible every time I reopen a project

Hi Literature & Latte,

Beta version: 29
Theme: Solarized Light


  1. When I open a project, invisible characters are visible.
  2. I toggle them off by going to View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles.
    3, The characters disappear, hooray!
  3. I close the project.
  4. I reopen the project.
  5. Invisibles are visible and need turned off again. Boo!

This is affecting all projects I open across multiple PCs (all running B29, all using Solarized Light). I think it’s only a single project affected by this – going to do some further testing and report back but it seems specific to one proj.

Also affecting the same project with the default light theme.

Update on this one – I think I might have found the root of the bug though it’ll need dev investigation to confirm.
I’m pretty sure the ‘Show Invisibles’ setting under:
View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles
was overriding the Show/Hide Invisibles Section found under:
> Help > Search Menubar > [start typing ‘invisib’] > ‘Show/Hide Invisibles’

Now visually these appear to be the exact same setting. They’re shown as being in the same location, at least? And clicking the ‘Search Menubar’ option definitely made invisibles disappear for that session.

But whenever I reopened a project, the Invisibles would reappear. And I noticed that during one session the ‘View’ menubar ‘Show Invisibles’ option was ticked, even though I’d already hidden them via Search Menubar and the invisibles were definitely not showing in the editor window.

So potentially either:

  • the ‘View’ menu selection was taking priority over the ‘Search Menubar’ selection on project load
  • My choice to Hide Invisibles via Search Menubar wasn’t saving
  • or a ‘show Invisibles’ flag on the project was overwriting my choice every session to Hide Invisibles.

Every since I specifically used the ‘View’ menu path, not the Search Menubar path, the problem has ceased.