[ B29 ] When I apply paragraph style with eol symbol, applied them(both paragraphs) No Style

I tried to change Paragraph Style for 2 paragraphs, Scrivener made their fonts Default font without selected part.

It’s Style Name changed, but not applied font without selected part.

Is there a character style that is applied on that selection that would be overriding the specific font? Does the paragraph style actually specify a font?

Yes, they have as below.

and whole list of them.

I tried another way, that change Default font on Scrivener’s Option > Editing > Formatting.
They(without selection) have font as it.

Hi cansmile,

In testing this with other styles I’m not seeing the same result. Are you still experiencing this in the latest beta? Or is the selected text correctly changing font as well?

I’m sorry for quite late answer.
not anymore in B36.

thank you!