Babylon 5, Torchwood actor to narrate my book

To say I am chuffed would be an understatement. Robin Sachs will be narrating the audiobook of my first crime novel, Bone Machines, for Blackstone Audio. My second novel, Kali’s Kiss, written exclusively on Scrivener, will also come out as an audiobook from, though the narrator for that one isn’t known as yet. … -machines/

That must feel good. :smiley:

And Buffy too–that’s where I know him from. The perfect voice for just about any novel. Unless it’s set in rural Kentucky. :smiling_imp:


I’ve just spent a very interesting and pleasant 20 mins listening to Robin reading excerpts from various novels. Very easy on the ears, John. He’ll make a good job of Bone Machines. Good luck with its launch. :wink:
Take care,


I do love me some audiobooks. Looking forward to this one.

Thanks, everyone! I listened to Robin read an extract from a book. A touch of the Tim Curry, I feel, though entirely his own voice. I think it’s that combination of sinister and sexy that’s particularly good. Not sure if he will attempt a Glaswegian accent, though if he doesn’t it will probably still work. Clearly the guy knows what he’s doing.

Now I need to get the third Kendrick book written - having two come out in the space of two months puts a little pressure on to produce more, though I don’t think I can quite manage that. Even with Scrivener as my writing tool. Now is Scrivener could continue composing while I’m asleep, that would be a great update!