Back for another try

I bought Scrivener back in 2013. I played with it for a while and found it more trouble than it was worth.I was fighting a complex piece of software with no documentation and not writing. Not what I was interested in doing.

I’m ready to try it again but when I tried to fire it Scrivener, the program hung up and wouldn’t load. I tried all the usual fixes: reboot, hard reboot, remove it and reload and it does the same thing every time.

Any suggestions on what to try to resurrect the program? The system specs aren’t unusual: Win 7 with all current upgrades.

Are you using the program from back in 2013, or the current version? Downloading a trial of the current version might help. However, it will probably ask to update any project you open to a new format. This has always worked smoothly, in my experience, but you might want to back up the project before opening it in the current version.

Interesting about “no documentation.” Many people find the massive Scrivener PDF manual and tutorial too much documentation these days!

Found a fix: Back click on the program icon, select compatibility mode windows 7.

program came right up.

This isn’t usually necessary (but every windows computer is different). Be sure to download the latest trial version (from Help->About Scrivener, the version should be 1.9.7) if you haven’t already.

To back up what DavidR said, and this has been true since the official release of version 1.0 for Windows; the manual (under Help) is hundreds of pages long, and the tutorial project (also under Help) is more succinct, and gives you something to experiment on as you learn. There is and has always been a plethora of documentation on Scrivener.

To add on to what others are saying, in addition to the provided documentation, you can always ask any questions on these forums and people more experienced in the use of Scrivener will more than likely be very happy to assist you. We all came to Scrivener as beginners once, and so many of us tend to treat other newcomers kindly, if they come with respect and openness.