"back-link references?"

In the navigation sub-pane of preferences in 2.0 it lists:
“Create back-link references when creating Scrivener links and references.”

That sounds cool, but I can’t find documentation and can’t figure out what it does.

In my dream-world it would create little “this reference is linked to this text,” links on a research item. That’s be great.

Does it work yet? The little check-box is very tempting.

All it does is, if you add a reference to another document in the project to the References table for a document, the referenced document will have a reference added to the… Wait, let me start again, this is confusing.

If you add a reference to Doc B in the references list of Doc A, Doc B will automatically have a reference to Doc A added too.


I thought it did what Mr Accordion thought it did, too. I hoped it did it, too. But it doesn’t. But one day might it might?

Probably not - there’s no good way of linking a specific range of text to a reference; for that it would be better to use a regular link.