Back to good ole MS Word

Ya just gotta revert to Word from time to time depending on who’s back need scratching.
I hope to set up some additional systems for myself and others using free Word alternatives.
The ones that come readily to mind are WPS Office and the various renditions of Open Office.
I have not really looked into any of them seriously so any advice, experiences or preferences is appreciated.

Thank you


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I’ve used OpenOffice a very little on Windows. It’s not what I’d call pretty, but it’s not too difficult to use or find help on, and the basics of word processing and formatting and so forth are all easily discoverable and for the most part similar to what I was used to in Word. Of course then Word went to the ribbon and changed everything, so now it’s probably a good bit different in that regard (I don’t use Word much these days either). Ah, menus…

That said, for editing working back and forth with the publisher, I’ve stuck to Word.