I use Backblaze for online backup. When I try to recover a Scrivener file, it comes in with the extension .scrivx and I can’t open it. Any advice? Asking now, so in case I ever really need to use it I’m ready…


Welcome to the forum, Steven.

I don’t use Backblaze, but it sounds as if you’re searching one level too deep. Your Scrivener “file” is in fact a folder called whatever-you’ve-named-your-project.scriv (without the x): that’s what you should be be looking for. That folder will contain a few or (potentially) very many files - depending on the complexity and length of your project - of which the “master-index” with the extension .scrivx will be one, a very important one, but only one. When you find the folder whatever-you’ve-named-your-project.scriv, you should be able to click on it and open it up as your project, or open it with the Scrivener application as normal. (Incidentally, don’t move the .scrivx file out of the .scriv folder: in general - although there are exceptions - it’s not a good idea to mess with any individual files in the folder, or drag them out of it, because that could discombobulate the various file-tracking functionalities of .scrivx.)

Thanks for the reply. You’re right - I was one level too deep. But even when I went up a level, and got the .sciv file, it still doesn’t open. Here’s the message:

One or more of the /Files, /Files/Docs or /Settings folders could not be found inside the project package. Try restoring from a backup, or create a new project and use File > Import > Scrivener Project to retrieve work from this project (structure information will be lost).

My concern would be that Backblaze has in some way altered the package that is your project (assuming that the something.scriv project folder doesn’t need restoring from Backblaze somehow) but as a non-user, I’ve no idea whether that could be true. Do you keep zipped back-ups of your project - the safest and most reliable way, especially if the project could be affected in some fashion by the back-up method - and if so, where?

THanks again for your note. I’ve figured it out, I think. Backblaze makes copies more or less continuously. When I’ve closed Scrivener, it makes a good copy. At other times, it seems to only make a backup of some piece of the package.

And yes, your advice about maked zipped backups is good - I do that occasionally, to my google drive.

Pleased that you’ve found the cause of your puzzlement. Just as a final piece of advice - do you know that Scrivener can carry out the zipped-backup task for you automatically? See Scrivener > Preferences > Backups. The main thing to be aware of if you go down this route - and if you’re backing up on closing to the cloud - is to leave time before you switch off or sleep your computer for it to send out the zipped file (especially if your project is large and heavy with research files).