Background Color In Composition Mode Persistently White

Since the most recent update, I’ve been unable to change/fix the background color behind the page. This is mostly the first issue I’ve run into with Scrivener (hopefully this is in the right subforum) but I didn’t actually see any threads addressing it. I’ve changed themes, uninstalled/reinstalled, including a manual deletion of all Scrivener files, but nothing seems to work.

The dark mode is super helpful for me, personally (bad/sensitive eyes), so for the moment I just go full-screen and it works out fine enough while doing the bulk of writing. I do however, have a great many notes I access often, so staring at this giant slab of white can get irksome lol.

This is the Main Editor > Fixed Width Background you need to change.

Thank you much! This has resolved the issue but all the themes still default to a white background if I switch, but at least it’s an easy fix now.